White Riempie

Just a note to DIY’ers regarding white riempies – you NEVER, EVER soak them in water. That removes the preservative (magnesium sulpahte – the white powder) from the riempie and shortens its life! 

White riempie
White riempie
The only riempie you soak in water is raw-hide leather riempie, which is unusable (hard) when dry. And stringing with raw-hide is a lot different than white riempie and when done wrong can break your frame. Raw-hide leather riempie have a lifespan of 15+ years, much longer than white riempie. I can also supply kudu riempie on request.


Raw, or raw-hide riempie
Raw, or raw-hide riempie
I know there are a couple of sites on the internet stating you need to soak white riempie, but you don’t. Trust me on this one.
The internet contains a wealth of information but there is also a lot of nonsense on the internet being sold for truth. Soaking white riempie is one of them. Because it is on the internet does not mean it is the truth and/or correct.
Rather get a pro with experience to do it for you. For Riempie Repairs, use the contact form below, or call Cell/whatsapp 0764989916. I do work onsite as well, but ONLY for wite riempie.
Cell/whatsapp 0764989916

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