For the month of May 2019, you can get these reduced prices on leather riempies/white riempies. Raw-hide riempies excluded.

White riempie is the popular choice, and creates a stark contrast with darker woods like imbuia, but looks equally dashing on antique furniture made from oak, teak. It is also use on pine. When well cared for it can last for many many years. I always suggest a cushion to protect the leather. Also, two big enemies of white riempie are water and sun! If you need to clean the riempies, use a quality leather cleaner. White riempies are NEVER soaked before applying to furniture. water washes out the magnesium sulfates (white powder) that is used to treat and preserve the leather.

Repairs to riempie stools and riempie chairs is a quick process, and I am always willing to do it onsite, subject to terms and conditions.

Requesting a quote:

NB: please indicate how many holes on each side of the chair – it helps me determine more or less how large the chair is

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