It is competition time at Rattan and Riempie! Tell us the story of your riempie chair or bench, through it’s eyes, and you can win R1000 (1st prize) or R500 (runner up) if your story draws the most likes (so get your friends to like your story).

Rules (not negotiable)
1) Get a quote (competition applies to riempie furniture ONLY), accept, and pay your deposit of 50%. This is you committing to the transaction. See Terms and conditions at
2) Post a picture on @rattanandriempie of the riempie piece to be restored, and tell the story as that piece would have seen it. Just a bit of history, like the one I recently repaired, that came up to the old Transvaal with the Voortrekkers. The 2 top stories (see point 4) will be selected as winner and runner-up, so make it interesting!
3) Posts will be moderated – anyone shooting down another story, or who gets involved in any kind of bickering, will be disqualified immediately. End of discussion. No foul language, racism of profanity, keep it clean)
4) Pictures must be of the piece you intend to repair, to match the “after” picture.
5) Show support for Rattan and Riempie, and the sponsors by liking (all AND Sharing their respective pages (all 3) on you timeline. **Facebook profiles will be confirmed. If it is a page without any friends, and no profile picture – no entry
6) Invite your friends to like your story – the more likes you story gets, the bigger your chances of winning!
7) Once you piece is repaired, and your invoice is settled in full, you will be entered into the draw.
8) The winners will be selected by myself, and Elmien from The Office Chair Repairer PTY LTD, and will be overseen by Eiffel Consultants in Boksburg, and the decision will be final. There will be NO negotiation. Any person trying to influence the decision in ANY way before the winners are selected will be disqualified without notification.

Prices sponsored by Rattan and riempie ( and The Office Chair Repairer PTY LTDr (

Price draw overseen by Eiffel Consultants in Boksburg (

The competition is subject to getting enough entries, so please spread the news. If there is not enough interest, I will call it off.

Closing date for entries: 13/12/2019, 16h00
Winners will be announced on 6 January 2020 on the facebook page of Rattan and riempie and on the website at