Caring for riempies

Doesn’t that new white leather riempie just look spectacular on the dark imbuia or stinkhout frame? BUT NEVER use water to clean them. Use a good leather cleaner. At worst use a slightly damp cloth to wipe them down. Preferably brush them off and use a white leather cream for nourishment.
Raw leather riempie – damp cloth is good. You will notice that in damp weather the raw leather tends to become soft, so cleaning them with a damp cloth is no problem. 
The white leather riempie is treated with Aluminium Sulphate and the water removes it, which is detrimental to riempie’s life. 
Daardie lieflike antieke meubels verdien net die beste, so as die riempies begin verweerd lyk, kontak my gerus. Ek kan dit by jou huis regmaak – dit vat so uur per stoel, of bring dit na my toe. Ek ek SAL jou die beste prys en diens gee!
Kontak my op 0764989916 (whatsapp welkom), of email, of gebruik die kontakvorm hieronder
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