Some advice for DIY’ers on replacing cane webbing.

VERY IMPORTANT: You will be working with razor sharp instruments – I am not responsible if you cut of you finger, or push a chisel through your hand or chest. The risk is yours. Be careful. Children should be guided by an adult.

1) While soaking the new webbing and spline in room temperature water (about 30 minutes), start to cut the old webbing away with a craft knife
2) Soften the glue with warm water (pour onto the spline)
3) Remove the old spline and rattan with a 4mm chisel or flat screw driver
4) Once the groove is clean, cut your webbing to overlap by 2cm on all sides
5) Use a wooden peg (works well) to knock the webbing down into the groove all around.
6) With the webbing “shaped”, you need to remove the excess.
7) Cut the excess webbing with your craft knife, cutting into the grove, but toward the outside of the groove.
8) Once done, add wood glue (not contact glue or hot glue; just plain wood glue) inside the groove all around. You want to lay the spline, that will secure the webbing to the frame, on a bed of glue, without spilling over the sides.
9) Now, with a wooden peg, beginning center bottom of the back, or center back of the seat, tap the spline into the groove all around.
10) Let it dry for 24 hours, and there you have it, a chair that is as good as new!

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