Tc&Cs for online shop – click here

Quotes, Payment options, terms and conditions

  1. Quotes are valid for 14 days from date quoted.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Quotes based on photos are subject to change until I see the actual item. Photo’s can be misleading.
  3. You are at all times responsible for comprehensive insurance of your furniture. While every possible care is taken to safeguard your belongings, unforeseen things can happen. 
  4. Your acceptance of my quote also indicates acceptance of my terms and conditions indicated here, as well as any additional terms and conditions discussed (if any).


I require a 50% deposit. If the amount quoted is less than R1000, I require full upfront payment. For quotes over over R1000 I require 50% deposit, with a minimum of R1000, whichever is bigger. If the quote  is R1500, deposit is R1000. If the quote is R3000, the deposit is R1500. NO work will commence unless the deposit is paid and cleared in my account.

Deposits serve a couple purposes:

  1. It ties us into a contract. Accepting your deposit, I undertake to complete the job as per my quote.
  2. It declares that you fully intend to pursue the work you requested me to do
  3. It indicates your acceptance of my quote, terms an conditions
  4. In the light of point 3, it is the signal for me to purchase whatever is required to complete the job for you.

Payment options:
1) EFT (proof of payment before items are released)
2) Card payments also now accepted, as the card machine finally arrived!
3) NO CASH accepted – this is for our safety and for your own safety. 

Options processed via


  1. Credit card/cheque card via
  2. Instant EFT
  3. Visa Electron and Maestro cards
  4.  Masterpass
  5. With a Mobicredit account you can spread your payment (even for R200) over an extended period of time. It is like a revolving credit plan. More info here

I do not accept Bitcoin as payment.

In certain cases, direct down payment can be arranged with me. That will be a deposit (50% initially, 25% halfway through and balance on completion). This is at my discretion and depends on the size of the job.

26 September 2020