Now that your riempies are brand new and bright white, beautifully contrasting the dark imbuia, or teak, you would obviously want to keep it that way?

Two important rules apply – keep your furniture out of the sun, because our beautiful South African sun will bake the riempies to a crisp! Second rule – NO WATER! At some point you will need to clean the riempies. That’s life – it’s white. It will get dirty, but NEVER use water. Water removes the preservative (that white dust) and the riempies will loose its stretch, get brittle and break.

I will very soon start to stock and sell a leather cleaner from the riempie manufacturer. It will feed the riempies, and clean it without removing that precious preservative, making it last longer.

100ml – R55 (Collect only)

200ml – R100 (Collect only)

If you want to pre-order/book your order, please use this contact form to pre-order. Once the cleaner has arrived, you will receive your invoice.