Rattan, cane furniture, riempie furniture wrapped and rush chairs repairs. 

If you need new riempie or rattan for you diningroom seats, then I can solve your problem. I repair, or replace handwoven as well as machine rattan and more. Wrapped/ Rush seats can be re-wrapped, riempies can be replaced with processed white riempie or synthetic riempie . Raw riempie is also available. Just email or whatsapp (0764989916)  a picture of your problem and I will let you know how we can resolve it!

More info on my blog on the difference between machine rattan (webbing) and handwoven rattan – so please do take time to read it? I will soon post more articles on the other types of wicker , riempies and taking care of the different materials.

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 Rush seats
 Banana rope seats
General wicker repairs